Are you making these mistakes with your branding?

I work with businesses every day that are struggling with attracting new clients, engaging their audience and charging what they’re worth. These are businesses with great services and a tonne of expertise – what they’re missing is great branding to actually showcase this to the world.

Pretty much every niche is saturated these days and if your business doesn’t stand out and attract your customers, you’re going to fail.

Take an honest look at your branding, which ones are costing you money and clients?

[] Inconsistency

The biggest mistake I see most often is inconsistency across different platforms and a lack of focus on the brand message. This is probably one of the easiest things to remedy too. Your designer should create a brand ‘Style Guide” which should form the basis of your visual marketing. Colours, fonts, layout all need to stay consistent; each time your customer sees them they are building neural pathways of association which equates to trust if you’re doing things right.

Your messaging and content need to retain the same vibe too. This becomes easy to do when you have your brand values and the very DNA of your brand absolutely clear.

[] No strategy

There are 4 elements to strategy – who you’re targeting, the ‘facts’ about your product or service, the features/benefits/value and the business objective. Your branding needs to support ALL of these for maximum influence and impact on your customers. Having even a simple strategy in place will focus your business efforts and you’ll see an immediate impact on your revenue.

[] Focusing Just on a Pretty logo

A brand is not a logo. A brand is created by the emotions and gut feel your customers have about you and your logo is simply a reminder of the promise you’ve made to your customers to keep making them feel the way they do. A logo is an integral part of the whole branding process, but JUST a logo without the other parts? I guarantee you’ll be paying for it to be redesigned in line with your actual business goals further down the line.

NOT focusing on your logo can also hurt your business. Crappy graphics make you look crappy too and I’ve seen plenty of businesses leave money on the table because they don’t look at the expert they are. In an increasingly crowded marketplace, standing out and engaging with your audience is more important than ever before.

[] No brand story or message

People buy people, and people also buy the WHY not just the what. Your brand story, why and message is what differentiates YOU. Is it clear to your customers? Do you have your brand ‘personality’ defined? These things become your brand filter, through which you can run ALL of your marketing, design and product development. This way, you will always stay on-brand and keep the consistency lacking in many business’ branding.

Stop leaving clients and money on the table, start taking your business seriously and realise you NEED to stand out, engage your audience and focus on your business goals; THIS is what great branding will do.