These photos were taken 2 years ago when I first started my online business.  I thought that coaching was the magic bullet and invested $$$$ in a coach to teach me about how I too could go from zero to super-rich in 6 weeks.

I was successful as a career coach but in reality it wasn’t me.
I’m a designer and have worked with top London and publishers  Brand agencies over the years.  My ‘hobbies’ have always been creatively focused.  The evolution of my business and brand was staring me right in the eyes and I didn’t even see it.

So, how can you evolve your brand so that it reflects your passion and purpose?

#1   Be YOU.  Be yourself.  Let your fucking personality out.  Don’t try and be what you ‘think’ your clients want to see.  You’ll send a mixed message and get clients you don’t want to work with.

#2  What do you need to let go of?  Tidy up your business.  Tidy up your office space and get rid of clothes and other stuff you just don’t use or need.  Your environment has a profound effect on your mind and will give you ‘space’ to connect with what your business is really about.

#3 Reconnect with your WHY.  Why do your clients use YOUR services?  WHY do you do what you do?   Is your story still woven into your brand?  Over time, we can lose sight of why we do what we do and the brand message gets diluted.

#4 Is your ‘dream client’ still the same with the same pain AND the same drivers?  Ask them!  Ask your audience and your client base why they buy from you and the change effected from working with you.

#5 FOCUS.  Offer a core, signature service that you are the expert on.   Add other services by all means, but ensure your core service upholds all of your brand values.

#6 Review your brand values and your message.  These are the pillars on which your entire brand is built.  They will also evolve over time – the values may stay the same but how you express them to appeal to your clients will change.

#7 The visuals of your brand NEED to be reviewed to ensure they stay fresh and current.  Dated visual branding is a big turn off for most buyers.  Get a professional opinion on it, the smallest tweaks can sometimes make the biggest difference in client attraction.

Evolve your business and you’ll win more clients.  Simple as that.   I’m happy to talk branding anytime, so hit me up if you’ve got any questions.