How many of you set your business up in the last 12-18 months and have had someone say that to you?  


“It’s just a hobby”  

“You need to get a REAL job”


Maybe you’ve even said that to yourself.  


According to Bloomberg, a whopping 8 out of 10 businesses fail in the first 18 months.  That’s an 80% fallout rate.  Shocking, eh?  That means you’ve a 20% chance of making your business a success.

So you probably should quit and go get that job, right?  

When I started my business I go so much wrong.


I didn’t really know who my customers were, let alone what they wanted.  I thought I could just help EVERYONE, because why close myself off to potential income?


I didn’t have a unique proposition – I wasn’t entirely clear on who I was and what I stood for.  


I certainly didn’t have a plan, and I couldn’t see the holes in my strategy or the potential opportunities I was missing.  


I was treating my business like a hobby through fear and procrastination.  


That had to change, and I invested in various mentors and programs over the past few years that have kicked my ass into action.  I have a network of incredibly business-savvy people that I now call friends and can honestly say that this year will be my best yet, in business and personally.


The irony is that with my high-end branding clients who invest £1000s in my services, I go through this whole process with them and they walk away with clarity and confidence in their brand and in their business.    I needed to start treating myself like a client.  

I know many of you have started businesses in the last 12-18 months and some of you haven’t even made a sale yet.   You’re not feeling confident about your branding, your services, your ideal customer or in fact any of it.    You don’t have a huge budget to invest in a rebrand, or a new high-level coaching program, and that’s absolutely NOT what you need right now.  


What you need is clarity, confidence in your services and a plan for the next 6 months.  

You need to get under the skin of your brand’s DNA, plus accountability so that you get stuff done.

And you need it to be an affordable investment.

I’m trialling my BrandCoach4 program to a small number of Beta testers.

After 4 weeks you’ll know your ideal client inside and out, be able to speak directly to them through your messaging and design and have a marketing plan going forward as to what you need to do to attract them.

You also get a full BrandDNA assessment, identifying your strengths and weaknesses and what opportunities you could take advantage of now, plus 4 weekly strategy calls with me.  You’ll get to use my branding brain 1-2-1 without investing in one of my high priced branding packages which start at £1000.  


The investment for this 4 week program is just £397 as is the beta round.  I’m not sure how many I’ll take this time, but once my diary is full for the next four weeks I’ll close the doors as also have design and branding clients to serve.  


PM me in the first instance, to see if you are a good fit for the program 🙂

Please note – you WILL have to do the work too and if you aren’t prepared for that, then I’m afraid you may as well go and get that job.