Once upon a time there was a girl who just wanted to create something wonderful (and profitable) that would serve other people and help their vision come to life.


She KNEW she could really help them, she had ALL the skills and just wanted to serve everyone she could because more customers = more money.    She was scared but she put it all out there anyway.

She set out on her journey, and invested 1000’s in courses, programs and mentoring, each time thinking THIS is the one KEY to success.  

But it wasn’t.  


The customers didn’t come.  

As her fear about not being good enough was realised, the bills added up, and she started to argue with her partner about money.   She started to feel really low, and even started looking for jobs online.  Her beautiful dream of serving others  building a profitable business was pretty much over.


But it wasn’t.


One day she started chatting to another business owner who had been where she had, and walked the path before her.  This person had found a way to attract only their ideal clients, charge more because of their high-end positioning and work less hours whilst doing it.  

There was NO secret, but what there was, was a PLAN.  

And now?   She is working ONLY with those people she can serve the best, charging what she is worth and loving her business.  

If she hadn’t found her Brand DNA, and figured out EXACTLY how to identify and connect with her dream customers, the picture wouldn’t be so rosy.  I’ve been there myself, as I know many of you have; it hurts when lack of money starts to impact on your relationships.  


How about you; do you work with your ideal clients?  Can you charge your worth because your messaging and identity reflects the positioning you have?  

If the answer is no, I have a solution for you.  It’s made for business owners like you, and is super-affordable because you don’t need another expensive, shiny object in your life.  You need a plan.

Please drop me a message if you want to know how I can help.