In any marketplace, the need to connect emotionally with your customers, become irreplaceable and build lifelong raving fans is becoming more and more important.

People fall in love with brands.

They perceive them as being superior.

They trust the brand as feel it speaks to THEM.

This goes for start-ups, products non-profits and service-based businesses.

To begin your branding journey, start by asking yourself these questions:

-Who are you?
-Who needs to know?
-How will they find out?
-Why should they care?

These four questions are absolutely crucial to understanding your customers, your business and eventually creating a brand loved by your fans.

What does a brand do?

There are three Primary Functions of a Brand – keep these in your mind as you create and grow your business.

Brands help consumers decide which product or service to buy in a crowded marketplace.

Brands communicate the quality of the product or service and consistently remind the consumer they have made the right choice.

Imagery, language and emotional connection all encourage your customers to identify and associate with the brand.

So, tell me about YOUR business in the comments.
Who are you?
Who needs to know?
How will they find out?
Why should they care?