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Why Yoda your Brand is…


Want to know one of the biggest reasons you’re not getting customers?

Think of your brand story as a film plot (I watch A LOT of films for the storytelling magic).

The hero’s life is good.

A crisis happens that sets him on a journey toward a goal.

Stuff happens on the way that is stopping him from achieving this goal.

He meets a mentor or guide that helps overcome the ‘stuff’ that is holding him back.

More stuff happens, but this time he uses his guide to get him through the barriers and defeat whatever is holding him back.

Finally, our hero achieves his prize.

Sound familiar?

Your brand IS NOT the hero in your story. YOU are not Luke Skywalker.

You must always place the CUSTOMER as the hero of your story, this is their journey and without the right guide/magic/Jedi powers, they will never succeed.

This is where Yoda comes in. He teaches Luke how to overcome his fears and harness the force already inside of him. Without Yoda, our hero will never reach his goal.

Your brand, your service and YOU are Yoda to your customers. You need to be telling the story of how your product or service will guide them to the success they cannot possibly achieve without it.

What would the cost be to them if they don’t work with you?

Remember this in ALL of your branding and marketing – the customer is the hero, and Yoda you are.